17 June 2012, Galata Greek Elementary School


Educational Supporters:

İstanbul Unıversity State Conservatoire

Mimar Sinan Unıversity of Fine Arts State Conservatoire

İstanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatoire

14.00-15.00 Lesson
15.00-15.15 Interval
15.15-16.15 Lesson
16.30-18.00 Concert

How would you like a truly unique and inspirational experience where you will witness the endeavour of young music students to become virtuoso musicians? Istanbul Music Festival breaks yet another new ground and introduces a youth project to the delight of music lovers of all ages. The Open Conservatoire will bring the students from the different Istanbul conservatoires together even if for a single day and provide a platform where they can share their training, music, and friendship with each other as much as with the audiences. The Istanbul University State Conservatoire, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatoire and the Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatoire are providing the educational infrastructure of this project and their faculty will be supervising the young musicians in the lessons, during which the audiences will witness the meticulous preparation behind performances probably for the first time. The day will culminate in a concert at the auditorium. The historical Galata Rum Primary School, with all its magnificence will shake off the years of solitude and once again buzz with the merry sounds of youth, music and applause.