General sales begin on Friday, 11 March, at 10.30. İKSV box office is open every day between 10.00-18.00, except Sundays.


Tickets can be purchased through and Passo Mobile app by creating an account or at İKSV box office. You can enter the events by presenting your PDF ticket, which is sent to your e-mail address and also stored under 'my tickets' section of your profile page at the Passo website. Service fee is included in ticket prices.


Eczacıbaşı Youth Tickets can be purchased from all Passo counters and by creating a membership. To purchase tickets, “eczacibasigencbilet” must be written in the code field on the campaign screen. Youth Tickets cannot be purchased through Passo Mobile app.

Depending on the quota of each event, a limited number of Eczacıbaşı Youth Tickets will be on sale. Only one Eczacıbaşı Youth Ticket can be purchased at a time. In seated events, a special sitting section is created for this category. In standing activities, unless otherwise stated, regular and student ticket holders will be mixed.

The student status of the audience with Eczacıbaşı Youth Tickets will be checked at the venue entrances before the events. In order to enter the event, students must show their valid student ID or a formal student document retrieved from E-Devlet (E-Government) for Turkish citizens. Istanbul Card is invalid. Student IDs of students studying abroad are valid.

If a valid student ID cannot be shown, the ticket holder will be directed to the box office to purchase a difference ticket. The difference will be the amount between the lowest general sales category and the student ticket. In case of being late to the event due to the waiting time that may occur while purchasing the difference ticket, the responsibility belongs to the audience, and the ticket will not be refunded in any way. Tickets will not be refunded to those who cannot present valid student documents and refuse to buy a difference ticket.

There is no age limit for Eczacıbaşı Youth Ticket. Each event has its own age limit for entry. We kindly ask you to check the age limit before purchasing a ticket.


Priority sales for Tulip Card members begin at 10.30 on 4 March for Black Tulip, 7 March for White Tulip, and 9 March for Red Tulip Card members. During the period of priority sales, Tulip Card members can purchase their tickets through, Passo Mobil app, and at İKSV box office (between 10.00-18.00), and will be exempt from service fee in all sales channels. Black and White Tulip Card holders are entitled to a discount of 25% for all events, while 20% (for online events) and 15% (for physical events) discount is applicable for Red Tulip Card holders.

To become a Tulip Card member, please visit

Due to security at our concerts, please make sure to arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes prior to the concert and not to carry anything larger than a handbag. Please note that suitcases and large backpacks will not be admitted either in the venue or the cloakroom.

Last minute changes in the festival programme can occur due to the circumstances of the pandemic. Please visit our website for the up-to-date programme.