Due to security at our concerts, please make sure to arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes prior to the concert and not to carry anything larger than a handbag. Please note that suitcases and large backpacks will not be accepted either in the venue or the cloakroom.



Late comers are allowed to enter the hall only during the first applause. Those who miss this chance must wait until the interval. In concerts without interval, late comers won’t be allowed to enter the hall. No refunds will be given to late comers.


Any visual or audio recording, using handy-cam, camera, mobile phone or any other type of recording device during the concert is not allowed.

Parents and Children

Parents are asked not to bring their children under 7 to the concerts. Children of 7 and older need tickets for entrance. Weekend Classics concers are however open to babies and children.

Ticket Return or Change

Purchased tickets cannot be changed or returned unless the concert is cancelled or its date is changed. In such cases, the process should be completed before the date specified in the announcement.

Venue Changes

Venue changes may occur due to reasons beyond control. The Festival authority shall re-arrange the new sitting order according to seat numbers printed on tickets, providing the audience with the closest sitting positions. Tickets cannot be returned for reason of venue change.

Programme Changes

Changes in the concert programme may occur due to reasons beyond control. Tickets cannot be returned for reason of programme change.

Health Services

All concert venues shall be provided with a paramedical team and an ambulance.