Yalçın Tura

Yalçın Tura who is one of the outstanding contemporary Turkish Music composers has composed music for more than fifty films and television serials. Yalçın Tura who has composed the music for many unforgettable films such as Keşanlı Ali Destanı (The Epic of Ali of Keşan), Yılanların Öcü (The Revenge of the Snakes), Toprak Ana (Mother Earth), Taşbebek (Baby doll), Umutsuzlar (The Hopeless Ones) and who has been granted many prestigious awards was born in Istanbul in 1934. He took violin courses at a very early age. He studied at Galatasaray School. During his upper secondary education, he went on taking violin course from Seyfettin Asal and took the composition and harmony courses from Demirhan Altuğ and Cemal Reşit Rey. Graduating from the upper secondary in 1954, he started to study philosophy at Istanbul University and graduated in 1960. Along with all his studies at the university he went on studying music. Tura who had composed some music for the films and the stage starting professionally in 1955, began to teach at the State Turkish Music Conservatory (Istanbul Technical University) in 1976 and he became the head of the musicology department in 1988. He was the head of the conservatory between 1997-2001. He published the book Türk Musikisinin Mes'eleleri (1988) (On the Questions of Turkish Classical Music) a collection of his articles published in various periodicals and his papers presented at numerous symposiums and conferences; his other published works are Kitabu İlmi'l-Mûsikî a lâ Vechi'l-Hurûfât by Kantemiroğlu (1976; 2001, Kantemiroğlu's Book of Transcribing Music in Letters and its Performance), Armoni (1977, The Harmony), Dini Türk Musikisi, Türk Temaşa Musikisi (1988, Turkish Religious Music, Turkish Spectacle Music), Form Bilgisi I Çoksesli Müzik Formları (1988, The Knowledge on Form I, Turkish Music Forms), Form Bilgisi II Türk Musikisi Formları (1989, The Knowledge on Form II Turkish Music Forms), Türk Musikisi ve Armoni (1998, Turkish Music and The Harmony) and İnceleme ve Gerçeği Araştırma (2006, The Survey and Researching the Facts) which was the collection of the intralingual translations from Ottoman to the Modern Turkish. He sums up his comments on his own music is as "a personal line of melody and the harmony required by its structure; a complex counterpoint in which the various aspects of the material being handled to be processed; vivid and rhythmical structure, and colourful orchestration". Yalçın Tura has been a member of the committee of SACEM (The Union of National Musical Works and the head of the Board of Scholars of MESAM (The Union of The Turkish Composers), he has also acted as a member of the jury in TRT (Turkish Radio and Television) and as a member of the consultancy council, as well; he has also been the head of the Turkish Music subcommittee of The Preparation Committee of the Fifth Five Year Development Plan. Yalçın Tura is a researcher who has realized many significant studies on musicology in Turkey and abroad, he is a philosopher who bridged the past and the present music and he is a pioneer composer who has worked in the vast variety of fields such as the traditional modes of Turkish classical music, the folk music, jazz, symphonic music and contemporary music.