▪ General sales begin on 15 February, Saturday at 10.30. On the first days of the general and pre-sales at İKSV box office, you will have to retrieve a queue number from 09.00 on. İKSV box office is open everyday between 10.00-18.00, except Sundays.

Biletix Outlets
Biletix Call Centre (216) 556 98 00
İKSV Main Box Office (10.00-18.00, except Sundays)

Service fee is not applicable for sales made through İKSV box office.


Only credit cards are valid for purchases made by phone on 0850 755 55 55, between 10.00 and 19.00. We recommend that you get your tickets from one of the BILETIX retail outlets at least one day before the performance in order to avoid queues on the performance night. Tickets purchased on the Internet can be obtained upon presentation of the credit card and an ID card at the venue at least two hours before the performance begins


Priority sales for Tulip Card members are on 10 February for Black Tulip, 11 February for White Tulip, and 12-13-14 February for Red, Orange and Yellow Tulip members. During the period of priority sales, Tulip Card members can purchase their tickets by phone on 0850 755 02 60, online and at IKSV box office between 10.30-19.00 and will be exempt from service fee. Black and White Tulip Card holders are entitled to a discount of 25% while 20% discount is applicable for Red, Orange and Yellow Tulip Card holders.

For more information on Tulip Card membership and ticket sales, please visit

Tulip Card Call Centre 0850 755 02 60