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with an Award Ceremony and Opening Concert | 01.06.2014
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This year’s festival poster was designed by Güher and Süher Pekinel

The poster of the 42nd Istanbul Music Festival was designed by world known pianists Güher and Süher Pekinel, who were awarded with the Honorary Award of the 41st Istanbul Music Festival, in cooperation with Bülent Erkmen. Collage of their paintings “Sonata” and “Harmony of the Opposites” dated 1983 together with their handwriting, were turned into this year’s festival poster with the design of İKSV’s Corporate Identity Advisor Bülent Erkmen.

Güher ve Süher Pekinel’s opinion regarding on their paintings and recordings; "between 1970 - 1985, we were driven by an inner need to spend our free time on painting and studying the abstract expressionism associated with Kandinsky and were inspired by his two most important writings ‘’Concerning the Spiritual in Art ‘’ (1911) and ‘’Point and Line to Plane’’(1926). While we were living in Munich, we visited exhibitions and attended lectures at the Academy of Art and the Lenbachhaus Gallery (Blauer Reiter collection ). This enabled us to renew and intensify our inner imaginative faculties both figuratively and musically. Our paintings ‘’The Sonata’’ and ‘’Harmony of Contradictions’’ were also produced at that time. With the known affection of Bartók's interest for Kandinsky, the Two piano and Two Percussion version of the Sonata were produced for Teldec/Warner also in this timeline.

Within this year’s festival, our new recording of Bartok’s Two Piano and orchestra version with maestro Zubin Mehta and Maggio Musicale and a recital life programme were also released by Arthaus Berlin and Unitel for Turkey. The World wide release will be within September 2014.

About the festival poster, Bülent Erkmen stated: “Pekinel sisters' name is recognized and known together in the music world. Together with some well-known personalities in Europe's art world, their two original different paintings, dated 1983 were donated and sold for WWF (World Wildlife Fund) organized by the Diners Club Germany for a donation gala program. These paintings were enlarged and redrawn electronically from the Diners Club brochure page from the same year and used as ‘remakes' in a collage. First, I deconstructed the paintings and then reconstructed these collages by establishing a new relationship between pieces. The festival title carrying the signature of Güher Pekinel accompanies her painting and the title carrying Süher Pekinel’s signature accompanies hers. Then I joined this new collage work together with the edges and logos on the poster.’’