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The 42nd Istanbul Music Festival's programme has been announced

The Istanbul Music Festival sponsored by Borusan Holding since 2006 will be held between and 27 June around the theme “The Song of Nature”. The programme of the festival has been announced with a press meeting held at Martı Istanbul Hotel, official accommodation sponsor of İKSV. Borusan Holding Member of Board of Directors and Chairperson of the Borusan Kocabıyık Foundation Zeynep Hamedi and Istanbul Music Festival Director Yeşim Gürer Oymak participated to the press meeting.

Zeynep Hamedi stated: “2014 is a significant year both for Borusan and Borusan Culture and Arts. Our holding celebrates the 70th anniversary of its foundation while the Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra celebrates its 15th anniversary. Sustainability of direct or indirect works by Borusan in order to raise cultural and educational level of our society and seeing the beautiful results of these works are a source of pride for us, the second generation, who commit ourselves to sustain the vision of our founder Asım Kocabıyık and understanding within the roots of Borusan’s corporate philosophy. 2013 was a compelling year for our country in every aspect. We hope that we can come out of this social dynamism with unity and solidarity, and an understanding which does not despise but embrace differences. We think that unifying power of the arts is even more important than ever. We hope that our festival can bring these significant values to our agendas through art.”

The Istanbul Music Festival Director informed about this year’s theme and programme of the festival and stated that music enthusiasts will hear the sound of nature not only in thematic pieces, but also in open-air “Classical Sundays” concerts at the 42nd Istanbul Music Festival which is organised under the theme “The Song of Nature”. Yeşim Gürer Oymak provided detailed information on the theme and programme of this year’s festival and added that “This year, the festival features 26 events in a variety of genres from baroque to contemporary music. Among these are concerts by symphony and chamber orchestras, vocal and chamber music concerts, as well as recitals and ‘Classical Sundays’. Pre-concert talks and talks on concert programmes will continue. This year, we are going to take classical music to open air spaces and organise free concerts at various venues in Istanbul under the title ‘Classical Sundays’.”  Stating that the festival has been successful in enriching the classical music repertory with its commissions to Turkish and international composers since 2011, Yeşim Gürer Oymak underlined that the Istanbul Music Festival has come to be known with its commissions and talked about this year’s new commissions. Yeşim Gürer Oymak also presented the festival poster, which was designed with the collaboration of Güher and Süher Pekinel, and İKSV’s Corporate Identity Advisor Bülent Erkmen.

The 42nd Istanbul Music Festival will host approximately 800 local and foreign artists including Steven Isserlis, Isabelle van Keulen, Alexander Raskatov, Nelson Freire, Pepe Remero, Krzysztof Penderecki, Xavier de Maistre, and Yuja Wang as well as examples of world’s leading orchestras Sinfonia Varsovia and Teresa Carreño Youth Orchestra of Venezuela in Istanbul.

26 concerts in total including orchestral concerts, chamber music, vocal concerts, and recitals within the festival programme will take place in different venues this year. Burgazada Square as well as Hagia Eirene Museum, Süreyya Opera House, Surp Vortvots Vorodman Church, İş Sanat Concert Hall, Zorlu Center Performing Arts Center, and Boğaziçi University Albert Long Hall will host the festival. The Istanbul Music Festival will present free-of-charge concerts titled “Classical Sundays” in venues such as Maçka Cumhuriyet Parkı, Istanbul Toy Museum, Sakıp Sabancı Museum “The Horse Mansion” Garden and Austrian Cultural Office Garden.

The Istanbul Music Festival continues to support young musicians with special projects in its programme. “Istanbul Music Festival in Search of Its Young Soloist” which started in the 40th year of the festival in order to discover and encourage young talents throughout the country will continue this year in piano. A young pianist, to be determined by a jury following the national audition, will perform within the festival.

Another significant youth project in the festival programme will be the concert by Teresa Carreño Youth Orchestra of Venezuela, one of the most important products of the orchestral academic programme of the Fundación Musical “Simón Bolivar” led by the El Sistema founder José Antonio Abreu. The enormous orchestra with 240 performers will have an unforgettable concert with their colourful and powerful energy in order to reinforce our beliefs in the power of music. Christian Vásquez, who is one of the talents grown in El Sistema, will be the conductor in this concert.

The 42nd Istanbul Music Festival will host three concerts with the cooperation of Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage celebrating 600 years of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Poland. Sinfonia Varsovia will be the guest of the festival for two special concerts as well as the world premiere of “Crying in the Wilderness” composed by the prominent musician Alexander Raskatov with the commission of the festival. In their first concert, Sinfonia Varsovia will accompany the prominent pianist Piotr Anderszewski; while in the second concert, they will perform the Turkish premiere of the 2nd Symphony of Krzysztof Penderecki, one of the most important musicians alive, under the composer’s baton as well as Mendelssohn’s violin concerto with Julian Rachlin.

The 42nd Istanbul Music Festival is planned around the theme “The Song of Nature” this year. The festival begins with the opening concert by young cellist Dorukhan Doruk, who will refer to Ahmet Adnan Saygun’s work “A Forest Tale” and will be accompanied by Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Gürer Aykal. Music enthusiasts will listen to the babbling rivers, sea waves, bird tweets, and the music of massive mountains throughout the festival, and will remember the irresistible power of nature which is the biggest source of inspiration for the arts. The 42nd Istanbul Music Festival will carry the voice of nature not only through thematic works, but also through the “Classical Sundays” concerts to be held in open air for the first time this year.

The poster of the 42nd Istanbul Music Festival was designed by Güher and Süher Pekinel, who were awarded with the Honorary Award of the festival last year, in cooperation with Bülent Erkmen. Collage of oil paintings “Sonata” and “Harmony of the Opposites” dated 1983 together with handwriting of world-famous Güher and Süher Pekinel, who were awarded with the Honorary Award of the 41st Istanbul Music Festival, were turned into this year’s festival poster with the design of İKSV’s Corporate Identity Advisor Bülent Erkmen.

About the festival poster, Bülent Erkmen stated: “Pekinel sisters' name is recognized and known together in the music world. Together with some well-known personalities in Europe's art world, their two original different paintings, dated 1983 were donated and sold for WWF (World Wildlife Fund) organized by the Diners Club Germany for a donation gala program. These paintings were enlarged and redrawn electronically from the Diners Club brochure page from the same year and used as ‘remakes' in a collage. First, I deconstructed the paintings and then reconstructed these collages by establishing a new relationship between pieces. The festival title carrying the signature of Güher Pekinel accompanies her painting and the title carrying Süher Pekinel’s signature accompanies hers. Then I joined this new collage work together with the edges and logos on the poster."